Sarah Watts: Feed the Beast- Festival of the Mind

Honoured to have my composition “Song of the Polar Bear” for Contrabass Clarinet written for Sarah Watts as part of the Feed the Beast Live Event in the Festival of the Mind, University of Sheffield. Visuals are by Peter & Paul (Sheffield). Voice over narration Jon Iles. Live contrabass clarinet Sarah Watts. Music by John Stringer, Gareth Churchill, Coreen Morsink, Dan Di Maggio, James McIlwrath, Eric Egan, Amaan Khan, Maria Radeschi, Sarah Watts, Erik Janson, Paul Vowles.

To view the fantastic video featuring vulnerable and endangered species accompanied by Sarah Watts on the contrabass clarinet go to:

Hymn to Asclepius for solo violin as part of the Lockdown Sketches in collaboration with Peter Sheppard Skaerved

With another round of thanks to Peter Sheppard Skaerved for his vibrant and expressive playing of Hymn to Asclepius (as part of the Lockdown Sketches for violin) which is partially based on a reconstruction of a piece of music (Hymn to Asclepius) inscribed in stone found at Epidavrus. The inscription is dated from about the 3rd Century AD but is thought to have actually composed during the Hellenistic period. May we all have good health!