Microtonality and Extended techniques

The majority of my works used microtonality in form of quarter-tones but also I have worked on pieces using 1/3 of tones which are based on music theory from ancient Greece.  I will present on this page some of the different ways I have explored microtonality, unusual tuning systems, multiphonics and extended techniques.

The work 12:8 for violin and piano uses the octatonic scale in the piano and adds quartertones inbetween the semi-tones in the violin part making a scale of 12 notes.

12:8 for Violin and Piano

Conversations with a Rose for solo cello and Stolen Glimpses of Eternity use quarter-tones in a melodic fashion based on the tetrachordal musical theories of ancient Greece.

Conversations with a Rose for solo cello


Stolen Glimpses of Eternity score

Recording by Invoke Quartet of Stolen Glimpses of Eternity