With thanks to violinist Carol Fujino and cellist Paul Widner of Ensemble Continuum for their extraordinary premiere of my work A Stack of Human Dilemmas. Premiered online from Toronto, Canada, April 8, 2021.

Here’s the story-line behind the piece….

The resulting composition from PIVOT that I wrote, A Stack of Human Dilemmas for violin and cello was premiered, Thursday April 8th, Toronto, Canada played beautifully by Continuum Ensemble members Carol Fujino and Paul Widner. This work is based on a series of sculptures by artist Judith Morsink. Thanks to Continuum (director Ryan Scott) and the PIVOT programme for emerging Canadian composers held by the Canadian League of Composers and the CMC. The broadcast will be available on youtube and facebook and details can be found on the Continuum website below.

Details of PIVOT Episode 1 by Continuum Contemporary Music
Nine of the many sculptures by artist Judith Morsink which inspired the work

A Stack of Human Dilemmas– titles of the movements relating to the art by Judith Morsink

I contemporaneous dilemmas web myriad

II holding the weight of the world on their shoulders

III mound

IV walking woman

V a new stack

VI sled

VII dancing in the light

VIII reworking the spiral

IX final reflections and gigue

Earlier post:

Very happy to be chosen as one of the six emerging PIVOT composers and looking forward to having Andrew Balfour as my Mentor and writing a violin-cello duo for Continuum. Thank you to the CLC, CMC and Continuum. More to come soon!

Canadian League of Composers Website and Continuum website with all the details: