Poetry by Coreen


A traditional stone bridge of Northern Greece. All photos on this site by Coreen Morsink

The Spirit of the Bridge

Life is like a giant bridge,
Full of holes and gaps
(which we try to avoid
falling in).
Each step taken carefully
others more freely.
When the path is clear
dandelions and wild flowers
creep in the cracks in the stones
and if you look down
you see the clouds,
some hawks swirling in the wind
and a roaring river below.
Forward is a fresh mountain.
Behind is also pleasant- but-
perhaps not always.
Do we go forward
knowing that coming back
will not be the same?

I say step forward.
Bring all you are
from the green land behind you,
bring it to the new mountain
and keep it inside you
as you walk back fresh
to your new fields of gold.

New things are happening
and you are always a new person
ready to start again
fresh and beautiful
like the spirit of the bridge.

Coreen Morsink, November 21, 2015


Stone bridge in Switzerland near Andermatt which resembles the Northern Greek bridges

Makers of a Beautiful Dream

Sing joyfully on this day
Of Paradise on Earth,
Praise the flowers and trees
Be glad for the forests
That grow steadily and faithfully.
The joy on this planet
Far exceeds the sadness.
Let us add to that bliss
And not increase sorrow.
Rejoice in small details
For what is size but an illusion?
We are the makers of a
Beautiful dream.
Help be my friend of joy
In this beautiful world.

Coreen Morsink, May 21, 2017


In the inner beauty
Of the world around.

Leave behind all fear and worry
And be
In this moment
The song of a bird
A sip of tea,
A smile from a person,
You do not know
But tries to help you.

I say thank you,
wonderful world,
That I am alive
And able to take the challenge
Of being.

And so, I believe.
Believe in joy, in love,
(yes, pain exists
To remind us
Of our fragmentation
Our disconnecting in being)

But mostly
I believe
In beauty in all,
In everything, in me, and
In you.

Coreen Morsink, January 24, 2017 upon listening to We are Here from Contact by Brian T Collins while I was waiting for the train. (During my wait, a kind person asked me if the pen on the floor was mine and gave me a nice smile which made me smile)


You my friend!

don’t say a word
or make a sound
i know you are there
sharing your laughter
your tears-
if i stretch out my hand
i know i will feel your
soul’s firm grip
giving me strength and courage
to be all me,
the best i can be
You, my friend!
i thank you
with all my heart
and give you my love
on this
blessed day.

Coreen Morsink August 3, 2016

in these moments

in these moments
you just go on.

because it is a waste
of energy, time and emotion
to dwell on something
so ridiculous
when there are more important things
like the sunflower on my balcony
the crickets singing
my children-
in these moments,
you move on.

Coreen Morsink August 1, 2016

is it you?

my heart is crying
for something
is it you?
Are you weeping
in a hollow abyss of sadness,
are you alone in despair?
I hear your voice
see your eyes
red from tears
where are you
that I may comfort you
and hold your
shaking hands?

my heart cries to you-
let us be healed as one.

Coreen Morsink, July 29, 2016


Suddenly God is everywhere;
in my pen as i write
in the trees as the air
breathes and speaks
in the floor which has come alive
in the bug on my window-
in my garbage
so we must be wise
and not make God smell bad…
you see we are making God
and then we complain
Why is God doing this to me?
When we really have created
our own idiotic reality of God.
Why not treasure the beauty
accepting that God is in all objects
and treat everyone as God?

instead of the pollution we have created.

Stop killing God-
Keep God in us alive.

Coreen Morsink May 15, 2016



in the moment
or it will pass
so fleetingly
that you will miss
rain sounding,
light on the mountain,
stars in the sky,
hugs from your child,
pain in your loved one…

Be ready-
Or you will live
what you have not done.

Be your breathe,
Be your soul,
Live for joy,
Be yourself,

Coreen Emmie Rose Morsink October 26, 2015


All clear

To clear my mind
is not ignoring
the present problems;
it is rather
preparing a clean paper
on which to write
a beautiful story
to paint a picture
of a fresh day
leaving behind all blemishes
and impurities.

Not worrying about the future.
Not dwelling on the past.
Just accepting this moment
as a gift from God to the Earth
and learning to treasure each moment
like pearls strewn in the sand.

Wake up and breathe;
Be in the moment
Now and forever
All is clear.

Coreen Emmie Rose Morsink, July 24, 2015


An Ode to Now

I let go of the past;

It is done,
Over, finished.
Now is the time
to shine
to laugh
to sing
to move forward
to enjoy staying still while
watching the flowers grow.
I salute you NOW
and humbly accept you
in my heart.
Allow me NOW
To be your partner
And we will live together
In peace and happiness
Always in the present moment.

Coreen Emmie Rose Morsink, June 28, 2015

Red Rose

Love flows
at all times,
from objects,
from people,
from the hills,
from the sky

you just
to stop
and let it
to you.

Coreen Emmie Rose Morsink, May 14, 2015

All writing copyright Coreen Emmie Rose Morsink, can be shared for educational/non-profit purposes only.


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