Bridge  #WordPrompt

In September of 2021 I moved classrooms and had the task of decorating a lovely giant classroom. I didn’t have enough pictures related to music so I took a beautiful calendar of the traditional bridges of Greece and put them up on the front bulletin board. I love these bridges: they are so mysterious and have echoes of the days when travellers would need them to cross the swollen rivers in the spring and shepherds would cross their abundant sheep and goats across. Some of the children in my classes, however ask me why I have put all these photos up and what do they have to do with music? I had to think about that for a while and the next day (I really couldn’t find an answer right away) I realised one of my favourite songs is from Clannad, A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) as well as Simon and Garfunkel’s A Bridge Over Troubled Water. I have never written any songs or instrumental music with the theme of bridges (which now surprises me!) but I did write a poem back in 2015 with a similar theme as in these two songs. To read that poem and others visit

A traditional bridge in Northern Greece, photo by Coreen Morsink

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