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Dr. Coreen Morsink is a composer, pianist and music teacher specializing in the creation of new music based on the theories of Ancient Greece but as well exploring many genres of music and cultures.

remembering to breathe and listen to the silence

listen to the silence


Happy Teachers Change the World: A guide for cultivating mindfulness in education: I’m very pleased to have made a small contribution to this book! Thank you Thich Nhat Hahn and Katherine Weare and Jon Kabat-Zinn for your inspiring teachings.

Happy Teachers Change the World


Happy Teachers- google link

Joy in all we do

We need to feel joy in all we do, not just in a certain part of the day. We are wasting most of our time with joyless and useless tasks when we should be focusing on happiness and creation. We need to create a world of Joy. That takes effort because we have all gotten lost in negativity. Can we put that aside and concentrate on joy instead? We can practise feeling joy just like meditation or eating or sleeping. It is an important ingredient in our lives. Stop and feel it at various points in the day and remember it when a dark moment comes. Joy will rule if we allow it to come in.

-Coreen Morsink, March 5, 2017

thoughts and writings


This site is dedicated to poetry, writing and music which I started to link to Mindfulness after first learning this term in March of 2015.  In particular, the work of Thich Nhat Hanh has been of great help to me. 
The Four Qualities of Happiness using Pebble Meditation

This is one lecture by Thich Nhat Hanh which has helped me greatly.  I’ve tried it by myself and with classes of 6 and 7 year olds and it is of great benefit.  The imagery is simple- a flower, a mountain, still water and space but the meaning is very beautiful.

Since I have been doing exercises like this one, I have been finding myself much more calm and happy in everything I do.  When I do tasks which I felt were terribly boring in the past, I concentrate on just being at that moment; being alive and free.  It doesn’t really matter what you are doing (sweeping the floor or watering the plants) but it should be done at the present moment, without concern of the past or future.

I often feel in my own piano playing that my mind is not on what I am doing- thus learning about mindfulness has helped me focus when I am playing the piano and composing/writing so that other thoughts do not invade my concentration.
I am currently working on a set of new piano pieces based on mindfulness which I hope to have ready and recorded sometime in the fall.
updated August 16, 2015

A writing I did after working on mindfulness: 
Mindfulness in Light and Beauty
Feel the light in everything you do.  Feel it shining through your pen as you write.  Feel it in your footsteps as you walk.  Feel the light coursing into your lungs as you breathe.  Feel it in each heartbeat.  Be the light and feel it flow through you. Be you in Light and Beauty.
Coreen Emmie Rose Morsink, May 18, 2015 
There is a Cloud inside the Calligraphy:  another amazing talk by Thich Nhat Hanh


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