The Path

The Path by Coreen Morsink, March 21, 2015

A meditational writing after contemplating talks and writings by Thich Nhat Hanhpath

No one has a road which is too difficult for them to follow.  We all choose a road according to our heart.  The path may be challenging and stretch our talents but it is never beyond our grasp and capabilities.

Our troubles start when we try to take a path that is not meant for us to follow.  We may gain temporary wealth or satisfaction from that detour, but it will not lead to happiness unless it was our intended path directed by the heart and soul.  Your heart will light the way.  Follow the path laid out by your soul.


One thought on “The Path

  1. John Woodsworth

    Congratulations on an auspicious beginning to the path of future thought-journeys! We may be following each one of us our own path, but aren’t we all headed toward the same goal — the Light, the Life, the Love, the Mind of the universe? My path lies through exploring the Scriptures, exploring music, and exploring human language, all of which are waymarks pointing the path forward. If we cherish them, these waymarks will reveal themselves to us in a form in which we are ready to perceive them. Please do keep me updated on the forward movement of your site. – John in Ottawa (Canada)



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